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HP LO100 virtual media

Posted on Март 1, 2018


spidernik84 Occasional Advisor

‎07-12-2011 12:58 AM - edited ‎07-12-2011 04:19 AM
Re: DL170e G6 iLO, unable to boot from virtual media

Hello, finally the problem has been solved.

We managed to make the virtual media feature to work from a Windows Server machine located in the same datacenter, thereby skipping all the network.

Seems like the problem could be related to blocked ports AND incompatible OS (we've been using ubuntu throughout the test).

Also, keep in mind that the ISO is successfully mounted only if its name changes to the ip address of your local machine in the virtual media applet (see screenshot).

Also, on our Windows Server we had to mount the ISO TWICE for it to show as correctly mounted.

One more thing: if you're using LO100 you have to use java 1.4.2_13 (exactly that version, not any other, even minor), else the virtual media will keep silently disconnecting.

By the way, the correct ports to open are 5901 TCP and UDP, as stated in HP official bulletin:



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